Ever since the age of four, I’ve been drawn to the technicality of things; The musical score behind a movie, the creation of visual effects in film, and especially the inner workings of a theme park. As soon as I was able to get my hands on a computer, I began to work- striving each day to learn something new. I quickly picked up visual effects, animation, and computer programming. Soon after, I expanded my horizons and began work as a composer and sound designer. Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned quickly. Constant exploration and strong mentorships have paved my self-driven education. I’ve worked as the Lead Technical Designer at The Playmill Theatre for the past four years, constantly utilizing my skills in the creation of innovative digital art and projection methods for their productions.

Having such a strong background in technology, new technical concepts and pieces of software are easy for me to grasp. I’ve had the pleasure of being professionally contracted throughout the country to design original projections, sound, lights, props, and musical compositions for theatrical and themed

experiences. Since I’ve been able to be so diverse in my learnings, I’m able to help bring various theatrical and themed elements together in order to create a seamless and unified experience. My vast repertoire of design emphases provides the ability to see art, or the potential of it, in all things, leaving my storyteller heart always open for inspiration.


I strongly believe that early collaboration and clear communication are key to a project’s success, and continually strive to maintain trust through honest dealings. As someone who makes it a priority to be constantly learning, even if a subject is unknown to me, I will dedicate myself to learning what needs to be in order to complete a task. A continual exploration of new ideas, methods, and practice drives my innovative approach to problem solving. I believe these things help set me above others.


While designing technical elements at The Playmill Theatre, we focused every show on family. I’ve worked with a number of designers and performers, where my job is to unify and design elements in order to create something special- something magical that a family can enjoy. I look forward to hearing from you as I continue to strive each day to use my talents to create magic, moments, and memories for families.

I'm passionate about what I do, and I do what I'm passionate about.


Let's make something together.