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I spend a lot of my time dreaming and finding ways to tell stories. I believe my uniquely blended background of all things technical and creative defines my artistic style, which I would categorize as clearly analytical wrapped in boundless imagination. Since my childhood, I’ve been fascinated with telling stories in as many ways as possible—through music, art, and technology—and have found a deep well of inspiration in the world of themed entertainment. As a graduate student, I crave to learn and practice techniques of innovation and design philosophies that resonate deeply with my passion and career focus of Creative Direction in themed entertainment.

I’m a graduate of Brigham Young University – Idaho with a bachelor’s degree comprised of Theatre Studies, Computer Information Technology, and Communication Management. I’m currently an M.F.A. candidate in Production Design at The Savannah College of Art and Design. I thrive in blue sky-centered developmental environments and have delved deep into theatrical entertainment and worked professionally in multiple

discipline areas, such as sound design, musical composition, projection design, technical direction, and creative development. I view every problem as an exciting opportunity to create new solutions, whether that’s an innovative technical technique or concise communication management.


I gratefully acknowledge the help I’ve received in order to find myself in such fortunate situations; having taught a 300-level university course in theatre design for which I created the curriculum, having been paid professionally to design over three dozen theatrical productions, and having served as a creative director in leadership roles on multiple professional projects. I strongly believe that early collaboration and clear communication is key to a project’s success, and continually strive to maintain trust through honest dealings. These core values have helped create and nurture collaborative partnerships with many talented superiors who have helped me succeed. I’m confident the luck I’ve received would be nothing without the hard work and dedication I’ve devoted to pursuing my dreams.


My family, whether through blood or friendship, is incredibly important to me. Because of that, I strive to always create experiences other families will enjoy together. I look forward to networking with you as I strive each day to use my talents to create magic, moments, and memories for families.


Let's make something together!

I'm a live entertainment designer, composer, computer programmer, and frozen treat enthusiast with lots of stories to tell and a wide variety of ways I like to tell them.

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