Projection Design

Brigham Young University - Idaho (2016)

Projection System Designer

Audio Master

Associate Sound Designer / Composer

BYU-Idaho’s production of Antigone was incredibly ambitious given the fact they had only previously dabbled in projections. Nothing to this extent had been attempted before. I was asked to help design the projection playback system and assist with content delivery and programming. The system needed to provide video output to 6 high definition televisions and one large projector. Oedipus would have been proud.

Seven Screen / Four Computer Setup


The video setup needed to look elegant. The projector was used in the prologue to show a montage of the war that led us to the current dark days of Antigone. The six television screens acted as interactive set pieces, as well as characters during meetings with Kreon’s board of advisors.

Four computers were networked together using Open Sound Control to enable a single computer to trigger the others. Three computers shared the load of the video processing while one handled the sound playback.


Dynamic Video


There were times when the characters shown on the screens needed to react to what Kreon was saying. This included seven minutes into his 10-minute speech. As it would be too risky and unreliable to leave it to a predetermined delay, we opted for a more dynamic approach. Set in a dystopian future, we used a glitching effect often through each video’s progression. Once we got closer to the section where each screen would need to react to Kreon, we’d transition to the new video with a glitching effect to mask the transition.

Thank you for reading about my work on Projections for Antigone at Brigham Young University - Idaho! If you'd like to see more from this show, check out the post on my compositions for the show here.