Big Fish

Sound Design

Brigham Young University - Idaho (2017)

Sound Designer

Audio Master

Projection System Designer

Projection Animator

The story of Big Fish follows a son exploring all the tall tales his dying father, Edward Bloom, has told him throughout his life. The audience is constantly moved in and out of reality from one scene to the next. We needed a clear and distinctive way to indicate to the audience whether or not we were in actual reality. To accomplish this, I used an intensive surround sound setup to provide sound to the audience from nearly 20 different directions all around the theatre.


Audience members would feel their were in an enchanted forest alongside Edward Bloom, and music could swell into the surround sound mix to completely envelop the audience during the peak of an emotional beat. When applicable, the system was used to cause confusion and apprehension amongst the audience. There were moments when I really wanted them to feel what Edward was experiencing. This setup allowed me to achieve that.

Edward Bloom standing next to the projected giant, Karl.

Big Fish - Recording Fireworks
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