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Fishin' In The Dark / Boondocks

Music Arranging

The Playmill Theatre (2018)

I’ll jump at any opportunity to create music. When the producers at The Playmill Theatre approached me about creating a mashup arrangement of Boondocks (Little Big Town) and Fishin’ In The Dark (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), I couldn’t resist. They wanted it based on an existing acapella arrangement by the group Home Free. This gave us a great starting point.


One of my favorite parts about writing arrangements for live theatre is we get complete control over the story we get to tell, tailored specifically for our audience. I worked with two wonderful friends I’m lucky enough to call colleagues on the arrangement, Scott Villanueva and Abram Rice. Some pieces

annie opener.jpg

of the acapella arrangement were changed in order to better suit our cast and ultimate story goal.

We had a lot of fun creating the arrangement and playback track. An added bonus was the live violin played each night by our very talented Devin Davis. Live musicians always contribute to the excitement, and this was no exception. Choreography by Eliza Merrill had every audience member completely invested. We were able to steer this opening musical number directly to the average audience member, and they ate it up.

Fishin' In The Dark / Boondocks Mashup - The Playmill Cast of 2018
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To view another musical number I spearheaded at The Playmill, visit this post for a mashup of Sweet Child Of Mine and Livin’ On A Prayer.

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