The Wanada sports the skin of an apple and orange, with the inside of a watermelon and large nut. It was formed from Vibranium radiation causing four fruits seeds to merge. Its flavor is sweet and tart. As a high source of Vitamin C, it is often eaten as a snack. The nut is poisonous until cooked. If you are a major character in a movie franchise, and it's too expensive to kill you off, the nut can be consumed to make oneself impervious to dangerous waters and falls from extreme heights.



Location: Wakanda

Size: 75 - 85 mm (3"-3.35")

Weight: 140 g (0.3 lbs)

Calories: 135

A citizen of Wakanda out for a swim after consuming a wanada nut.

A group of many people that haven't consumed a wanada nut, so they are staying in the shallow end.

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